Sunday, January 2, 2011

Updates. Computer funeral.

Okay. So, lots of nothing happening since my laptop died over the holidays. Now that I can actually do things, I hope to do quite a few things. First-off, another comic of a nonsense occurrence that happened while playing MHP3 on AdHoc Party with my good pal FishTiCuffs.

Armored Battlesquirrel Approves.

Second and more important. I look to expand the MHP3 section of the site with a new "White's Armory" section with the various useful armor combinations I've constructed since hitting HR6. There are a few nice ones, such as my [Evade+2, Marathon Runner, Stamina Regen Up, Focus] set. All in all I hope to put maybe a dozen armor sets on this page for both blade and gun, showing the breakdown of the skill points and socketing.

I just need to scrape together some convenient HTML code to display it all nicely. Look forward to seeing at least a few by the week's end.


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